Our Classes

Group exercise classes have always been the backbone of our business, and we've been doing them since 1990! While the Coronavirus restrictions are in place, we're offering small group exercise classes, video workouts and live online classes. There is something to suit your busy schedule every day.

Small Group Classes

Since the easing of the Coronavirus restrictions, we are running a variety of OUTDOOR classes throughout each day for groups of up to 10 people. These classes available for our active members now.

As the Coronavirus restrictions have been eased more in Tasmania, small group INDOOR classes will be running for groups of up to 20 poeple everyday from Saturday 6 June.

Due to the limited numbers of people allowed, bookings are essential. Bookings are available 7 days before a class starts. Please only book one class per day.

Live Online Classes

There are online classes running throughout each day LIVE on our Facebook page. Our online classes are free for anyone to join in. See our timetable for what's coming up next.