Class Timetable

The following indoor classes are coming up and they are available to book now. Class times may change, so check back here reguarly.

If you are looking for Pilates or Platinum Club class times, see our new small group timetable.

Last updated 4:00PM Wednesday 18 November 2020


5:45AM HIIT with Michelle
6:30AM Spin with Michelle
6:30AM HIIT with Jane NEW

9:15AM Spin with Teresa
10:00AM Fit Ball with Teresa

12:10PM Circuit with Jane
12:10PM HIIT with Rob
12:50PM Abs with Rob
1:10PM Spin with Lilly

4:30PM Spin Express with Ryan
5:00PM Abs with Ryan
5:30PM Circuit with Ryan
5:30PM Spin with Trish
5:30PM Strong Bar with Rob NEW


5:30AM Spin/Strong Bar with Michelle
6:15AM Circuit with Guy

9:15AM Circuit with Teresa
10:00AM Yoga with Hiroko 

12:10PM Spin with Rob
12:10PM Circuit with Terry NEW
12:10PM Zumba with Hiroko
1:10PM HIIT with Dan
1:10PM Spin with Guy NEW

4:30PM Spin Express with Rob
5:00PM HIIT with Rob
5:30PM Run with Dion
5:30PM Spin with Teresa
5:30PM Circuit with Rob NEW
6:30PM Yoga with Kate


5:45AM Spin with Em
6:30AM HIIT with Jade
6:30AM Spin with Guy NEW

9:15AM Spin with Lilly
9:45AM Strong Bar with Lilly 

12:10PM Circuit with Ryan
12:10PM Strong Bar with Rob
12:10PM Spin with Teresa NEW
1:10PM Spin with Ryan

4:30PM Circuit Express with Ryan
5:00PM Abs with Ryan
5:30PM HIIT with Ryan 
5:30PM Spin with Trish


5:30AM Spin/Strong Bar with Rob
6:15AM Circuit with Jade

9:15AM Circuit with Lilly
10:00AM Core/Strength with Lilly

12:10PM Spin with Terry
​1:10PM HIIT with Rob
1:10PM Circuit with Terry

4:30PM Circuit with Teresa
4:30PM Abs with Lilly
5:00PM HIIT with Lilly
5:00PM Spin with Jane
6:15PM Yoga with Kate


5:45AM HIIT with Michelle
6:30AM Spin with Michelle
6:30AM Strong Bar with Jane NEW

9:15AM Spin with Terry
10:00AM Yoga with Hiroko

12:10PM Circuit with Terry
12:10PM Zumba with Hiroko
12:10PM Spin with Lilly NEW
1:10PM Yoga with Hiroko

4:30PM Spin Express with Lilly
5:00PM HIIT Express with Lilly


7:30AM Spin with Michelle
7:30AM HIIT with Jane
8:30AM Spin with Jane
8:30AM HIIT with Michelle
9:30AM Circuit with Guy
10:30AM Yoga with Marissa


8:00AM Strong Bar with Rob
9:00AM Spin with Rob
10:00AM Circuit with Rob