Platinum Club

The Platinum Club offers small group training sessions with one of our qualified Personal Trainers. Each session will challenge your fitness from the very first session, building your cardio, strength and endurance levels. Your Personal Trainers will help motivate you and tailor your training program to suit your goals.

Take your Fitness to the next level with Small Group Personal Training. Improve your strength, cardio fitness and trim down under the watchful eye of our experienced Personal Trainers. The motivating, team environment fostered in these small groups provides the most effective and fun workout you will experience. Results guaranteed.

Your Platinum Club sessions are strategically structured throughout the week to meet your fitness needs. Sessions focus on either Functional Strength, Endurance or Cardiovascular Fitness, Mobility and Flexibility. 

Participants enjoy more guidance and attention from the Personal Trainer thanks to the small group size. 

Small group equals big benefits:

  • Each session is a fun, social way to exercise and meet other members;
  • The team environment ensures members keep each other accountable and push each other to improve; and,
  • Competition-based sessions are available, giving you the opportunity to compete against others in the group or simply focus on improving your own results week-to-week.

Platinum Club tips and hints

  • Always bring a drink bottle and towel to keep hydrated, dry and hygienic;
  • When starting with the Platinum Club, be sure to book in for a class that suits your fitness solution;
  • If it’s your first session, be sure to let our trainers know, so they can make sure you have the best experience possible; and,
  • Remember, the classes are there to help you reach your fitness goals - you do not need to already be fit to attend! 

Platinum Club Membership

Platinum Club membership is an option extra that can be added to your membership package. If you'd like to sign up, please contact us.

Fitness level: 
Cardiovascular fitness
Muscle gain
Weight loss
Platinum club
Class duration: 
60 Minutes