Group Exercise

You will be spoilt for choice with the Group Exercise classes at All Aerobics. With over 100 classes on offer every week,we always have a class on when you are ready to exercise each day.

Whether you want traditional Step or Zumba class, the latest Functional training in a X or HIIT class, Abs, Yoga, Bar or Spin, you will get what you need our motivating, fun classes. lots of classes, lots of fun and results guaranteed.

Your instructor will motivate and inspire you to work at levels you would rarely do on your own. Their experience and knowledge means you will safely achieve results you never thought possible. 

Having fun and enjoying your workouts is a promise we make to you. Before you know it you will have a routine that suits your lifestyle and gives you the results you require.

Group Exercise is a great way to boost your regular training

  • Classes are updated regularly, ensuring you enjoy more variety;
  • Classes are suitable for all fitness levels;
  • Group exercise is a great way to meet other members; and,
  • Exercising in groups helps your motivation levels.

Group Exercise tips and hints

  • Always bring a drink bottle and towel to the class to keep hydrated, dry and hygienic.
  • If it’s your first class be sure to let your instructor know, so they can make sure you have the best experience possible.
  • It’s always good to try a class more than once as some classes may have steps and routines that take a little getting used to.
  • Try as many classes as possible so you can find out which ones you enjoy the most.

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