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Training buddies
Terry Moore & Guy Franklin: Training buddies

When you're training at All Aerobics, we are always here to help you with your training as much as we can. But, what if you want to drop into the gym when you don’t have a scheduled training session with one of our trainers? That’s where a Training Buddy will be there to help you achieve your goals. But why? Here are the top 5 reasons you should find a Training Buddy to help keep you motivated and exercising reguarly in the gym.

1. Excuses go out the window

Before you even get to the gym, a training buddy is already coming in handy and it’s for the most obvious reason. Sometimes the thought of skipping a workout has crossed all of our minds.  Whether it is the cold mornings where you just want to stay in your warm bed, or the lunch times when you would rather do some window shopping or even the nights where you just want to go home after a rough day at work, these are the thoughts that have entered all our minds at some stage. When we do get these thoughts, we end up saying to ourselvels “it’s ok, I will just skip today. No one will know”. This is where your training buddy first enters the picture... they make sure that you turn up! 

In that moment when your mind drifts towards staying in bed, you remember the late night text message you sent to your training busy assuring them you would be in Circuit at 6:30am. So you drag yourself out of bed so you don’t let them down.  The thought of letting your training buddy down, having to explain why you weren’t there and forcing them to get through the workout alone when you said you would be there, is enough to make sure you turn up to the gym.

2. Friendly competition

Ok, it’s just you and me talking now. Be truthful with me. Did you do all 20 pushups? Or was it only 9 pushups? No one is going to know ... just you and me ... and probably your training buddy!

This is where your training buddy will keep you honest, as tempting as it may be to skip a few reps or even count them in two’s at times, knowing your gym buddy is sweating right along with you and may also be counting along with you ensures that you give your all in a class and avoid the temptation of skipping a rep or exercise here or there. 

A training buddy will also help with a little friendly competition, If you think you are pushing hard in a Spin class a quick glance to your training buddy who is working harder just might be the extra motivation you need to finish the class with a sprint (and beat them).

3. Technique

Everyone has that one exercise that they can’t quite get right, whether it is the hand release push up, V-Sit up or the downward dog inverted calf raise lunge (we may have made the last one up). A second set of eyes or a different perspective to look at your technique might help you overcome the trouble you may be having or correct where things are going wrong. Having a training buddy there with you to help you with the technique is very valuable and can be the difference between getting the technique right or looking silly and even if you both can’t work the exercise out, at least you will have someone to look silly with!

4. Time flies when you’re having fun

Training was never meant to be easy but it wasn’t meant to be boring either. Having a training buddy with you will remind you of more fun times and they'll help make those tough sessions seem a little bit easier - or at least fun.

Now we're not telling you that you and your training buddy should take the class to catch up on all the weeks’ gossip and forget about working hard in the class. But, a little bit of a chat always makes the time go a little bit faster.

5. Someone who understand you.

Have you ever said “I swear we did a whole Spin class standing up”? Is there anything more frustrating than trying to explain to a person who doesn’t go to the gym how hard a HIIT class is? Or, how hard is it to make someone else understand that even though Abs is only a 30 minutes class, that it's the toughest 30 minutes of your week?

Having a training buddy to talk to will mean you have someone who will empathise with you. This will stop you from going crazy! A normal person may say, “its only 20 push-ups. What’s the big whoop?”. On the other hand, your training buddy will understand that 50 push-ups is several minutes of what seems like absolute torture. Your training buddy will understand you when you talk of your favourite gym instructor and their little quirks like a love of playing terrible one hit wonder songs in class. Others may not understand why you do this but your training buddy will. 


When you have another person training with you, your excuses go out the window and you both help each other make the commitment to show up to the gym and train hard. Once you get to the gym, your Training Buddy will help keep you honest with your training program and give you the encoruagement to exercise a little harder. When you do train hard, it is easy to let your technique slip, so your Training Buddy will be there to watch you and possibly stop you from injuring yourself. Tough training sessions can be fun too and your Training Buddy is there for some light-hearted entertainment that will make the time fly. And when its all over, they'll be moaning a growning about those 50 pushups with you, but at least you will both understand that it was for the good of your training goals. Hopefully you already have a Training Buddy. But, if you don’t, now is the time to find one. We hope to see you both in the gym soon.

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