The benefits of functional training

Functional training

When it comes to new exercise programs, the latest buzz phrase in the fitness industry is “functional training”. What's it all about? Is it any good? This month we're providing some insights to functional training and how it can benefit you. It might just be the thing you need to re-ignite your training program and reach your training goals once and for all.

As a gym, we always take a good look at the principals behind new techniques before taking anything on for our members. Our team of fitness professionals always like to ask the following questions when evaluating the effectiveness of any training technique.

  • Will this type of training be safe and sustainable?
  • Will it be effective?
  • Can it be fun and motivating?

Once we had done the research on functional training, we realised it answered all these questions with a big YES. In fact it was more or less an evolution of the way we have always wanted our members to work out. We have always pushed for training that is based around performance and sustainable results rather than short term, quick fix, programs based on appearances only.

Functional Training. What is it?

The key to functional exercise is teaching the muscles to work together rather than isolating them to work independently, much like you would in everyday life.

Functional training includes exercises that will help improve your strength, mobility and stability for everyday life. A great example of a functional exercise is a Deadlift; as this execise will help increase your core, lower back and leg strength which has a crossover to your everyday life such as picking up heavy shopping bags or young children.

When you think of traditional weight training you tend to focus on isolating muscle with machines, training programs that isolate muscle groups such as a the usual body part weight training split, chest one day, arms another or exercises that use just a single joint like the bicep curl.

While these styles of training have their place, functional training proves to be efficient by incorporating exercises which use multiple joints and working together to complete the exercise. These exercises will also incorporate a range of different movement patterns. 

In a nutshell our definition of Functional Training is all aobut teaching all our muscles to work together in real life positions and situations.

So we think this type of training definetely fine in our gym long term and it is here to stay. When performed under the correct guidance and at the correct intensities it is sustainable form of effective training. 

We recommend 3 Functional Strength sessions per week, along with other forms of cross training ie Cardio, Core, Mobility. For this reason we have developed the Platinum Club which allows us to deliver functional training sessions which include a variety of exercises that work on flexibility, core, balance, strength and power, focusing on multiple movement planes. These sessions along with the Group Exercise roster provides options for you for every fitness need or goal.

If you would like to find out more about Functional Training or if you would like to try a session in the Platinum Club please enquire at reception.

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