Serious Spin Bike Upgrade

Our spin studio has had a serious upgrade with the introduction of the all-new Matrix CXC Training bikes. These bikes have taken our spin classes to the next level - giving you an unparalleled indoor cycling experience. 

The Matrix CXC Training bikes distances themselves from the pack of indoor bikes, offering a hassle-free experience for operators, instructors and riders alike, all while staying true to the iconic feel of a Spin bike. The Narrow Q-factor system optimises ergonomics for a real outdoor riding feel and the multi-position handlebars simulate the different grips of real road cycling racing. The ergonomically sculpted seat relieves pressure on touchpoints and makes every ride very comforable.

Digital Console

Now you can set personalised exercise targets and monitor your own power, speed, distance and heart rate. The best-in-class LCD colour console features an ultra-bright backlight that is always on and never needs batteries. The display metrics are easy to personalise and see the following readouts:

  • Watts
  • Kilojoules or Calories
  • Cadence (Pedal RPM)
  • Heart Rate (BPM)
  • Time
  • Distance
  • Up to 10 intervals

Use your smartsphone & heart rate monitor

The console is Bluetooth® compatible to share data with a smartphone and ANT+ compatible for heart rate straps and leaderboard pairing. Now you will be able to track your individual performace after each and every spin class.