Just starting out? We're here to help

If you're just stating out at the gym, it's important to establish a routine and creating good habits. We've got some tips on what you can do to get your exercise routine up and running.

Try everything to find your favourites

The easiest way to get a routine established is by trying plenty of different classes and seeing which ones will work for you. There's over 100 group exercise classes on our timetable every week, so try as many as you can to find the ones you like. The best form of exercise is the one you enjoy enough to keep coming back to!

Find a training buddy

Finding a friend or a group of people to exercise with is a great way to be kept accountable. Plus, it’s always easier to motivate yourself when you have someone there going through the workout with you.

Make your bookings in advance

Get your week organised by booking your workouts in advance. Pick a certain time and day where you will sit down and book all of your sessions for the week so you have yourself organised early. That way you will avoid the disappointment of missing out on your favourite session!

The team at All Aerobics Fitness are here to help, and we want help you make fitness part of your everyday life. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with our friendly staff members next time you’re in the gym. We love seeing people achieve their goals, so make us part of your fitness journey.