Getting to the gym while roads are closed

Due to the temporary closure of the Elizabeth and Melville Street intersection, getting your vehicle close to the gym has got a little tricky. We’re here to help with some handy hints!

The intersection will be closed until 14 January while the Hobart City Council upgrades some water infrastructure. This means that most of the inbound streets have been closed off too. 

If you want to park on the street, you may need to find a spot a little further away from the gym than usual. However, you can still get to all the multi-story car parks, if you approach the area on the right roads.

Getting to the University car park

The University car park that is next door to the gym is open, but you can only get to it by driving along Melville Street from either Campbell Street or Argyle Street. There are signs saying that Melville Street is closed, but you can drive along to the entrance of the car park.

Getting to the Melville Street car park

The Melville Street car park is also available, but you can only get to it by driving along Melville Street from either Harrington Street or Murray Street.

If you require any assistance with directions, please contact us.