Women's Gym

Ladies only area
We have a private training area for ladies only.

If you like a little pampering with your workout, and if you’d like more private training sessions, our women-only club is for you. Feel right at home and work together with other women to achieve the same fitness goals as you.

This is a comfortable place for women. Even the newest exercisers will feel comfortable in our friendly community of like-minded women. The variety of workout options are suitable for beginner to advanced fitness levels and progress with you to keep you challenged.

Our Women's only studio provides a private area with facilities for a complete workout. Our women’s gym includes a selection of free weights and pin loaded machines that are setup in an area that is setup perfectly for women. You will have access to a Nautilus strength circuit, a range of free weights and everything you need to develop core strength and flexibility, including a pilates reformer.

This intimate area allows you to feel relaxed and comfortable while working on your program. Whether you are relatively new to us or feel like a quieter more private workout you will appreciate the ambience while working on your fitness. 

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