• Circuit classes use a combination of cardio stations and weight machines that are are great for improving muscle tone, gaining strength and fat loss.Find out more

  • Jess Sled Push

    The Platinum Club, Small Team training focusing on Strength, endurance and functional training all in a fun atmosphere.Find out more

  • Is the circus in town??

    If you like like a more private training session, our ladies only studio is for you. Feel right at home and work together with others in an intimate and comforting environment to achieve your fitness goalsFind out more

  • We have over 100 group exercise sessions to choose from - even the odd Step class!Find out more

  • The Super Stiks Spin Charity Ride

    Fantastic work by the All Aerobics Team who raised over $550 to help support Michael “Stiks” Greenwood raise funds for Cancer research at the Menzies Institute of Medical Research on Saturday 11 June. Stiks as always was in fine form and really energising the crowd. A great class for a great...Find out more

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