Kerri Garth: 12 Week Challenge Success Story

Kerri Garth from Ambulance Tasmania, has been taking part in our 12 Week Challenge and she is walking proof that program really works. In less than 12 weeks, Kerri has lost seven kilograms of body weight, six centimetres around her waist, and she doesn't feel as tired anymore. In fact, Kerri now has a whole new lease on life!  

Kerri joined the challenge on 1 April 2019 with two of her collegues, Emma Plunkett and Carlene Lawson, who encouraged Kerri to give it a go. "I was extremely sceptical, unfit, overweight and getting on in years and had not exercised vigorously for over 20 years. I know that keeping a healthy weight is a worthwhile goal, but as you get older it can be a tricky thing to do. I have walked for thirty minutes a day for about four years, thinking that was plenty of exercise, but after joining the challenge with All Aerobics, I now realise that it is definitely not enough." Kerri said.

When Kerri joined the program, she received an inital assessment and an individual training program from our qualified Personal Trainers. "The initial assessment and my results were quite shocking. Not only was I obese, I was older than my age right now, my muscle strength was pathetic and I could barely get off the ground once I was down there. I was now petrified for what I had signed up for. I felt self-conscious, extremely nervous and a little (a lot) embarrassed to undertake exercise in front of other people.  What should I wear? Will I have a stroke? Will they laugh at me? I tried to find all the excuses under the sun not to go, but I did go. Don’t worry, there are all shapes and sizes [at the gym] and nobody cares. Everyone is at the gym for their own personal goals and everyone is really encouraging." Kerri said.

"I chose All Aerobics to start my exercise journey, and can I just say that Terry, Guy, Nathan, Daniel with the Circuit classes, and the lovely Hiroko with Zumba, have been absolutely fantastic.  They are all so encouraging and help in any way they can to make everyone’s journey worthwhile.  I highly recommend them." Kerri said. "My ultimate goal is to look absolutely gorgeous, shed many kilos and feel fit and fantastic.  I would eventually like to be able to run 5kms, not a marathon, without blowing out a candle".

The 12 Week Challenge also includes advice on nutrition and Kerri received regular updates on how to "tune-up" her eating plan. "With my metabolically matched menu plan in place, I was ready to go. I have to say it was so easy to follow, and the best part about it was that it works." Kerri said.

Kerri recently went to her doctor for a regular checkup, and he noticed the difference - asking Kerri what has been going on. "My blood pressure and cholesterol were perfect, and the doctor said the only thing that would possibly kill me at the moment would be if I was hit by a bus. That would be my luck!" Kerri laughed. Kerri has noticed chages in her life outside of the gym too. "I am more energetic at work - mentally and physically.  I have even noticed a significant difference when I did some gardening a couple of weeks ago.  To be able to bend, squat, stretch and not be sore afterwards is terrific."

Kerri has almost finished the 12 Week Challenge, but she's not stopping there. "I am continuing at All Aerobics after the challenge because it’s just so beneficial for my health and wellbeing.  It’s now going to be a regular part of my daily routine.  I recommend it highly to all my colleagues and friends and encourage you all to get active." 

Kerri's tips on how to enjoy exercise:

  • Make exercise a regular habit;
  • Remove the thinking element that you are punishing yourself; and,
  • Exercise with some mates and pick friends who are as committed as you are.

Kerri is just one of many of our success stories. If you would like to take part in our 12 Week Challange to start your own journey to a healthier lifestyle, please get in tocuh with us.