Your Tour de Bro Challenge

Your challenge during Le Tour de Spin is to ride as much as you can within a 3 week period. Your rides will be recorded, so you can track your progress during the challenge. 

Everyone who completes 300 minutes of riding during the challenge (which is 2-3 classes per week), goes in the draw to win a prize. There is also a prize for the participant who rides the most.

Every Spin class taking place over Le Tour de France is an opportunity for you to clock up some time on the indoor bikes. Many classes will replicate stages of Le Tour de France, which will add real-world experiences to the workouts.

The aim of the challenge is to see how much time you can spend in the saddle. Your progress will appear on the results page, where you'll be able to see:

  • How many rides you’ve done
  • Your total distance travelled (kilometres)
  • Your total time in the saddle (minutes)

How do I track my rides?

Tracking your rides is easy! Bring your smart phone to your workout. Take a photo of the bike screen that shows the total results at the end of your ride. Post the screen photo on our website.

Enter Le Tour de Spin

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