Le Tour de Spin Prize Pack

Everyone who enters Le Tour de Spin goes in the draw for an All Aerobics Fitness prize pack and there are two ways you can win. The prize pack includes a t-shirt, a towel, a drink bottle and your choice of a cap or beanie.

There are 2 prizes categories on offer:

  • The overall winner
  • The 300 minute prize draw

The Overall Winner

The participant who spends the longest time in the saddle over 3 weeks will win a prize pack.

The 300 Minute Prize Draw

All participants who meet the minimum threshold of 300 minutes in 3 weeks will go in the draw to win a prize pack.

How do I track my rides?

Tracking your rides is easy! Bring your smart phone to your workout. Take a photo of the bike screen that shows the total results at the end of your ride. Post the screen photo on our website.

Enter Le Tour de Spin

Before you can post your results, you need to create a user account.