Spin Studio

Our dedicated indoor cycling studio is where all our Spin classes are held. This space is decked out with stationary bikes, a sound system and lighting - making this a place where you'll get an incredible workout experience that really burns off the calories.

The Spin bikes are fully adjustable, so they can be setup to suit any type of body. You can adjust the seat, handlebars and the pedals. Make sure to do this at the start of each workout so that you’re not uncomfortable during the workout. Our instructors will help you if you’re unfamiliar with the equipment. 

Each Spin bike has a digital console, giving you the ability to set personalised exercise targets and monitor your own power, speed, distance and heart rate. The display metrics are easy to personalise and see the following readouts:

  • Watts
  • Kilojoules or Calories
  • Cadence (Pedal RPM)
  • Heart Rate (BPM)
  • Time
  • Distance
  • Up to 10 intervals

Our Spin bikes are very comfortable to sit on, but some people bring their own gel seat cover, or wear padded cycling shorts, for extra comfort during the class. Using your own ANT heart rate monitor will allow you to record your heart rate and gauge the intensity of your workouts.

Take a look at our new spin bikes