Outdoor Gym

The outdoor gym area is the perfect place to do a workout when it's sunny outside. There's nothing quite like exercising in the fresh air, especially after you've been working indoors all day.

Located at the back of the cardio theatre is the entrance to a spacious courtyard laid with astroturf and equipped with all the gear you need for a solid workout; including free weights, skipping ropes, medicine balls, battle ropes, resistance bands and more! 

Not sure what to do? Touch base with one of our Personal Trainers and they'll show you ways to maximise this area so you can get a great workout.

To ensure your safety and security, the outdoor gym area will only be available during reception hours, but the indoor gym areas are always open 24 hours a day

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Outdoor PT Sessions

Our team of Personal Trainers are available for outdoor PT sessions as well. With the fully equipped outdoor gym area, you’ll have access to a wide range of gear and an expert trainer to ensure you get the most out of your workout. Plus, the change to your regular routine might be exactly what you need to see the results you want. 

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