Cardio Boxing

This is a class that is modelled on traditional boxing-style activities. This system of training teaches you the basics of footwork, punches and defence techniques which are then used to keep you moving so your fitness is improved. This is a high intensity cardio workout, combining boxing techniques with body weight exercises, giving you the ultimate whole full-body workout.

Cardio Boxing Express

Our express classes are short 30 minute variations of the full versions. They are designed to be done back-to-back with another class, so you get the benefits of two classes in the one training session. If you're short on time, or if you're running late, the express classes make it easy for you to jump in for a quick workout too.

What do you need for a Cardio Boxing class?

Bring a sweat towel, a drink bottle and wear some good-quality gym shoes with some comfortable workout clothes. We'll supply you with some boxing cloves.

Fitness level: 
Cardiovascular fitness
Weight loss
Fitness studio
Class duration: 
50 minutes
60 minutes