Boot Camp

Boot Camp gets its name because it’s loosely modelled on aspects of fitness training used in the military. Each training session contains a series of drills and exercise routines that are designed to challenge your physical capabilities. It’s a great way to improve your strength and cardiovascular fitness in a team building environment.

Boot Camp training commences with dynamic stretching and light aerobic exercise - just to warm you up. That’s followed by a wide variety of interval training routines, including lifting or pushing objects, pulling rubber straps or ropes, body weighted exercises, plyometrics, and various types of explosive exercise routines. You could be working as part of a small team, just like you would if you were in the military. After all the hard work, there’s always a good stretch session at the end.

You’ll need a good pair of running shoes, comfortable exercise clothes, a full drink bottle and some energy to get through the challenges ahead. Bring your giggle box too because this is fun!

Fitness level: 
Cardiovascular fitness
Weight loss
Fitness studio
Class duration: 
30 Minutes
40 Minutes
50 Minutes
60 Minutes